The Prime Minister has decided to create a new Department for Transport to focus solely on transport issues. Most of the other responsibilities of the former Department for Transport Local Government and the Regions (DTLR) will be brought into the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and put together with his existing related responsibilities for social exclusion and the regions (including the Government Offices in the Regions).


DTLR's former responsibility for the Electoral Commission and for policy on electoral law, referendums and party funding will transfer to the Lord Chancellor's Department. On 20th August 1989 the gravel dredger BOWBELLE collided with the pleasure vessel MARCHIONESS. As a result of the collision, 51 people lost their lives.
Following the completion of hearings for the Formal Investigation into the collision between the Marchioness/Bowbelle, a non-statutory inquiry into the identification of victims following major transport accidents begins on 30 November 2000.